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Our new 6 song EP - Play it loud


released February 19, 2013



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Inventing the Dinosaur Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Ghosts
You light, you light the fire. on the eastside we hunt for ghosts. this town has been dead for days. well, this town has been up in smoke. the animals prefer to hold their breath. a perfect time to steal their young. in these parts its hard to hang your hat when your head is already hung. the lake is overflowing. now we supply fish food. who would have thought they’d release the mold. now we all make concrete shoes. tie her up and wrap her in a bow. just like a shiny souvenir. tie her down on the railroad tracks and wave goodbye to the engineer. all that we could hope is that you’re entertained. you know what I’m missing. you know what I’m missing. it’s the least that we could do to put you in the mood. you know what I’m missing. you know what I’m missing. you light, you light the fire. bring the matches and ill bring the guns. well soak them in gasoline because we are the only ones. the sun won’t ever set again. the moon cant catch a break. the eagles have left the nest for now because they have some hands to shake.
Track Name: Direction
I’m going to start up this engine and blow it up. just incase you forgot what it feels like to be in love. and I’m going to make new friends like the ones I’ve lost. ill adorn them all blue. simply fashioned from rope and straw. yeah, its been seven long months and still I see no sign of spring. I take down all these lights just to hang them back up again. when the hurricane stops, the waves will surely persist. though I need it to live, I so easily drown in it. now that wedding bells are in season, he will select a wife. your borders and boundaries, the only constant I can see. they hold onto me. the bridges and tunnels you built when you were young don’t travel in my direction. I could try again to correct the way that I’m built so my blueprints don’t show a withered old skeleton. I’ve grown tired of where I rest on this map I read. like a labyrinth that so few rats will ever leave. now that making kids is the new trend. he will fuck his wife. they will walk in twos to lay their arrangements. they have come to shut his engine off.
Track Name: Skin
hey little sister, what you know? I’m going to play with all my friends tonight. they say they’d really love to meet you, but it would be best if you just stayed inside. because you know I cant understand, and I wont so let go and board up the doors. and as you lay down to sleep, pray the lord my soul to keep away from yours. could this be all you’ve waited for, another scratch saint? just leave us your body cold and then you float away. hey father can you see me? your sheppard is buried underneath my feet. because I’ve done you wrong and stole your name. your only son has chosen to forsake you. could this be all you’ve waited for, another scratch saint? just leave us your body cold and then you float away. these gates were built, they are built to sift me from breaking in. if you could save me from my skin where would you begin? you could be the wise man or be the witness. you could cover your eyes or beg for forgiveness. if the road up ahead is paved in blood, well you could walk on a wire or you could walk among. you could be saved or you could be stealing. you could drink the wine or you could bleed it out. if this is the last, the last goodbye well you could open your arms or put up your fists and fight. could this be all you’ve waited for, another scratch saint? just leave us your body cold and then you float away. mother please forgive me, for I have sinned. your god just made this bed, but the devil tucked me in.
Track Name: Foxhole
hey mr. fox who let you out of your hole. your daughter has caught my eye and now she wont leave me alone. if you’re not quiet, they’ll catch you awake. the bride and groom are rotting on your wedding cake. the barn is burning and the forest is next. her heart is raging and it explodes in her chest. bring on a hard rain, bring on the flood for her poor mother’s wedding dress is covered in blood. they say we’re never going to feel it again, but well get it, well get it back. send the replacements and send her my best. sharpen the hook my dear, the bait will build us a nest with all the trimmings and what’s left of her veil. we bought the farm because it was on sale. they say we’re never going to feel it again, but we’ll get it, we’ll get it back. its been a long time to take it in, but we’ll get it, we’ll get it fixed. its been bought, its been paid for. so take all you can get if you’re going to get it in the end. in the foxhole. it’s the fortune you slave for. so stop slaving away if you’re going to get it for yourself. we slept the day just to hurry the night. they stopped the train so we hitched a ride back to the hole in the forest we found so I could die content underground. but I was just a dead ringer feeding her vice. they wouldn’t let me in, not without a price. so I came back to take her with me. they said if I brought her I could get in free. a blue ribbon today. a red letter tonight. a poor attempt to escape. a poor excuse for a bride. so take your pictures I’m sure that they’ll all end up in some box. and tie a noose around your cans and old mr. fox. so you’ve figured me out? what a pleasant surprise. I’m not as shown in the book, the book to which you subscribe. still I sleep in this hole until everyone can forgot that it was a crime to love her. a crime I didn’t commit.
Track Name: Atlas
back home from the flesh. to the heights and the depths of the lens. lovers who wait in the dark will be blind, but they are sure to be blessed. the fixtures carry the pulse to your heart and back to the walls. electric sensory cells, to the start, where they began after all. I will carry the weight of the world if you will just carry yourself. the pages read and then torn. its alive and then it’s born. its what the righteous men make. what the richest men cant afford. to shed this life or the clothes? metamorphosis only knows. the preachers preach their last verse and the archers lower their bows. I will carry the weight of the world if you will just carry yourself. my intentions are simple, to send the message that failed to be sent. ill be your atlas. ill be your elements.
Track Name: The Spider
my hands are tied. this rope aint coming off easy. are you a knife too dull darling? or are you the knife to set me free? I’m burning up. my body is fuel for the smokescreen. is your bucket full of water dear? or is your bucket full of gasoline? the storm will come and all the metal will turn to rust. you always knew I would let you down. wash it with soap and still it never will come clean. you always knew I would let you down. my tongue is bound to a language sealed behind my eyes. are you the halo on my head? or are you the demons in my mind? if I have overdosed am I condemned to go out alone? are you the drug that I’ve hoped for? or are you my methadone? you cant feel it with your hands but this is really happening. you cant see it with your eyes but believe me this is happening. if I cant swim. if I don’t see the other side, believe me I have tried. for a moment I saw my life become entangled in the web. the spider eats again.